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Why Tellaw

Buy & sell crypto with fiat currency anytime 24/7

Visa/master cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Bank transfer choices are available to top up your wallet.

Easily trade thousands of assets on different chains

Tellaw Smart Aggregator will automatically find the best price across CEXs and DEXs

Explore Web3 world on mobile

Browse and connect to the Web3 world all on Tellaw multi-chain wallet. Thousands of dApps all in one wallet.

Tellaw web3 Portal

Host applications on wallet infrastructure

Portal to get access to UNLIMITED dApps

Complete all transactions without pausing exploration

Navigation to most frequently used dApps

Tellaw as an infrastructure

Gateway to Web3 world

All-in-one place for transactions

Create value for all parties

Focus on making things easy

Designed for non-tech people

With social handles to connect Web2

Shorten the proccess of transactions

Multi-chain & Non-custodial